Wildlife photos capture rare and prized moments in time. Wild animals are dwindling in number, and so are the opportunities to see them in their natural habitat.

Even those privileged to go on safari and enjoy the remote wonders of this earth realize that times are changing. As an example of what is happening worldwide, Zimbabwe, which houses a large nature reserve, also has an out of control inflation. The government introduced a new $50 billion note in January 2009. This is enough to buy a few newspapers. Now they’re printing a $100 trillion bank note.

With issues such as these, it may seem difficult for many to see the priority of protecting and keeping the delicate natural balance that our planet is losing.

Nature photography, for the average person, may seem difficult. Opportunities may seem to be limited by numerous constraints - time, the cost of equipment, the weather, travel and access restrictions.

Stan invites you to enjoy these images and to explore your world so you will experience the wonders of nature firsthand, with your own eyes.

Wildlife photography, for Stan, springs from an appreciation for nature he developed at an early age. As a young boy growing up in Northern California, Stan worked in 4H and quickly became adept at working with animals.

Underwater photography quickly became Stan’s focus as he developed his image-making skills. In the 1970's and 1980's, he traveled to distant seas and explored under the oceans of the world.

Underwater photos of faraway places from the Truk Lagoon in Micronesia to the Red Sea near Israel document his work with renowned authorities, such as the Cousteaus and Sea World.

Stan individually earned awards from the San Diego Underwater Photographic Society (Photographer of the Year), International Photographic Competition, Underwater Society of America, International Underwater Photographic Exhibition, and Underwater Photographic Society of America.

Some of Stan's nature photography gallery of fine art digital images have appeared in Time-Life books, Cousteau publications, and various periodicals.

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